Helping out at the Christian Care Center

Helping out at the Christian Care Center


September 24, 2011. We  had a great turn out of students from Leesburg High and Eustis High Culinary Programs to put out a great meal for anyone that was hungry at the Christian Care Center.

Chef Jeff, Chef Matt, Chef John, Chef Nicole and Laurie Dennis were all on hand to “supervise” the 15 students that gave up their Saturday afternoon to put out a fantastic meal of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, cucumber and tomato salad, garlic bread and fruit salad.

From setting up the dining room, preparing all the food, serving the food and cleaning up, the students did a great service to the community and we’re always very proud of them for giving up their time to this worthy cause.

October 15, 2011. Once again the youth from our local schools were on hand to bring a meal to the guests at the Center. With supervision from Chef Jeff Rotz, CEC, CCE, AAC, Chef Dane Gillis, CEC,ACE and Chef Nicki Austin these fantastic students spent their Saturday afternoon giving back to the community.

November 19, 2011. These great young adults felt it was more important to bring some happiness to others.  Is this not the true meaning of giving back to the community?  The students were led by Chef Nicki Austin; Chef Dane Gillis, CEC, ACE; Chef Jeff Rotz, CEC, CCE, AAC; Cindy McVeigh; and Jim Austin.  The students attending this month were:

Sara Hamann – LHS   Danielle Baylston- LHS   Erika Marchbanks – LHS
Sierra McVeigh – EHS Tarah Philotoff EHS C/O 2011 Lesly Orona C/O 2011
Gil Garcia


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