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Here is a brief overview of some of the services that Chefs Helping Chefs can provide your property. As you can imagen, Covet-19 training is on the top of the list. I will also attach links to our web page that has information about Chefs Helping Chefs, our “Team” and other services we can review. Please let me know what areas of training you so desire we can schedule a conference call and discuss in detail the requirements and interests.

Thank you once again for the opportunity and trust that you have placed in our company. It is our pleasure to assist you during these unprecedented and critical times. The world and especially our industry have experienced so much loss.

With that in mind allow me to present you with this training proposal tailored to your needs and challenges as we all press forward to get back to normalcy. We are here to provide your company with the tools to reopen or continue with a safe and sound plan. We will provide you with the industry leading Trainers to accomplish these goals together.

Domestically in the USA we have implemented a series of initiatives and programs developed with the top expert organizations in the industry, the National Restaurant Association NRA and Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.


Based on those standards plus combined learnings from unique and qualified professionals coming from specific backgrounds in the industry. They also have been affiliated with these recognized global brands such as the American Culinary Federation, Hilton Hotels, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival Cruises, Disney Hotels and Resorts. Among others who have collaborated in the development of our training programs. I am pleased to offer you a four to five-day training program to assist in the reopening of your properties for the upcoming season. The goal and timeline are aimed to see busy action starting as soon as mid-June in certain areas of the Caribbean, which will soon positively impact the rest of the region.

Our training is an overall approach to all aspects of business in your operation. In past years we were primarily focus on F&B. Our training over the past six years has expanded by demand and through professional relationships with industry leaders. Currently our efforts and capabilities take us deeply into other department such as rooms, front desk, Administration, and housekeeping. Without detaching our approach to the maintenance and engineering departments as key components of the overall process. Our number one goal is to assist you to achieve five-star guest feedback and satisfaction. Our training will have all departments complete the educational steps towards excellence in service and safety.

We also have the proper resources already set up to help you with your reopening needs. These needs might be infrared laser thermometers, Masks, etc.


Our training includes:

  • Four (estimated, actual numbers is based on amount of staff to be trained) dedicated professionals in the areas of:
    • F&B, FOH and BOH. (Including Remote and Delivery or in-room Dining)
    • Room Division, Administration, Front Desk, Housekeeping. (Including Pool & Beach Services)
    • Engineering, Maintenance and Gardening.
  • Five days of training:
    • Day one: How to reopen your hotel and resort properties, Hotel Protocols, 50% occupancy rules and “do’s and do nots.”
    • Day two & Three: Sanitation and Standard Operating Procedures, Food Safety, OSHA, Basic infection Prevention measures, Hygiene and environmental Safety, Social Distancing, CDC, and WHO Guidelines,
    • Day four: Food Safety, Cleaning and Sanitizing procedures for all departments, Set up procedures for all departments.
    • Day Five: Live training in all areas to encompass the previous days of training.
  • Topics and focus:
    • Video Training Program customized for your specific properties needs and future development opportunities.
      • Our training is precisely designed for each individual property.
    • Our one-on-one training is second to none.
    • All local codes, CDC, WHO, FRLA, NRA
  • Cost: (To be Negotiated)
  • Terms and Conditions: (To be Negotiated)
    • Cancelation Policy
    • Payment Method
    • Rooms and Board
    • Pre-Arrival and Departure

Whether you are the VP of Operations, the General Manager of an independent luxury resort, the Director of sales and Marketing for a convention hotel or the owner of a smaller boutique property, there are many prudent steps to minimize the pain and, more importantly, prepare for better days.

In terms of Food Safety Perception and Accuracy, your actions need to be marketable to your audience, the first question to answer is how should you be budgeting your resources after the coronavirus pandemic?

As a rule, if you can maintain some of your budgets during this time of crisis, then you should do so. A short pause is understandable, but historic data and research have proven time and again that companies that actively pursue training during a time of crisis experience higher sales and net income than those going dark, all thanks to a more capable group of associates when it comes down to properly serve your clientele. At minimum, you should not cut more than 50 percent of your training, educational and marketing budget, this needs to be viewed as an investment spend approach.

Also, there are many things you can do now while you have the available time that can be greatly beneficial for future business. Therefore, today I would like to request a phone conversation with you to define what program looks best for your operation and learn what other ways we can assist your business needs.

Once again, I want to extend all my gratitude for this opportunity to serve you preparing your teams to your well-deserved reopening.

Culinary Regards,

Jeffrey Rotz CEC®, WCEC, CCE®, FMP,  AAC®

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