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Letter from Chef Nick Sandora, CEC, WCEC

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Letter from Chef Nick Sandora, CEC, WCEC

Feb 7, 2022 | Blog, Chefs Helping Chefs News, Recent Posts

Letter from Chef Nick Sandora, CEC, WCEC 

Vice President, ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association

My Fellow Culinarians,

I wanted to take a few minutes to Introduce myself to those of you that do not know me very well.  My Name is Nick Sandora, and I am your current Vice-President of the ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association. I am sure that by now that you have heard a lot of things have been going on within the Board of Directors, I am not writing to get into all of it but to talk about some of the changes that will be coming up very soon to the Chapter.

Within the next few months, we will be looking to nominate and elect a new Chapter Officers. The new Board will have the task of rebuilding the trust that seems to have been lost between the members and the board.

They will be looking to take us all into the next chapter of the ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association that could possibility redefine who we are within the American Culinary Federation.

I believe that before we as a chapter can move forward, we need to step back and look at the history of this chapter and get back to our roots. The grassroots of this chapter have always been Education and Certification and I truly believe that this is something that we really need to get back to.

But the new elected board cannot do it alone.  We need all of you to pitch in and help turn this chapter into a ACF chapter that everyone is talking about.  An ACF chapter that sets high standards and is an example to other chapters to model what we are doing. The only way that happens is if we have member input and participation for all monthly meetings and events that we do in our respective communities

Let’s be honest these last few years dealing with Covid has made a huge impact on our profession and there are a lot of chefs and restaurateurs that have been hit hard and now is time that we need to help- each other continue to rebuild the culinary profession because when we all stand together as a one unit, we can make a difference not only with our ACF chapter but National ACF level as well.

There are a lot of changes happening At the national level American Culinary Federation as well, the next few things that will be coming up  first March 10th here in Orlando the ACF’s first of what they are calling the Master Craft Summit series it is a one day mini convention that will feature presentations and demonstrations by top industry chefs, and the first of the single-day events, which will cover advanced culinary techniques, will be held at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

In addition to these in-person events held in select cities across the United States, the Culinary Leadership Boot Camp Summit will be held virtually online every Monday in April.

And In July the ACF National Convention will be held in Las Vegas from the 25th-28th.

Look guys, now is the time to get involved there are a lot of great things on the horizon for the ACF and you can make a difference, we really have a chance to do something great in our chapter, only by standing together united with one goal can we make the Gulf to Lakes chapter a powerhouse with-in the American Culinary Federation.

Please be on the lookout for our emails about our schedule for our up-and-coming monthly meetings and I ask that you to please help us to bring this all together.

Respectfully Yours,

Chef Nick Sandora CEC, WCEC, CSFE.

Culinary Instructor, Lake Minneola High School

Vice-President, ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association

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