Chef Kimberly Brock Brown

My friends,

I have known Chef Kimberly Brock Brown, CEPC, CCA, AAC for over 20 years. I have worked with her on many projects, traveled with her to assist other chapters with events, and just “hung out” with her ant conferences and conventions. Chef Brock Brown has been serving as Southeast Region Vice-President and in my opinion doing a great job. Chef Kimberly Brock Brown, CEPC, CCA, AAC has my endorsement to be our next American Culinary Federation President. Kim is ready to move the ACF to the next level. She listens to the membership, she takes advise from lifetime members as well as new members.  You can read Chef Brock Brown’s Bio at  Chef Kimberly Brock Brown More information about Chef Kimberly “Fair Kitchens” and endorsement from Chef Nick Barrington. Please Vote for Chef Kimberly Brock Brown. Click Chef Kimberly’s ACF Video Election Statement


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