jeff-flamesWhy Chefs Helping Chefs?

Today’s travelers are more educated and more aware of the “behind the scenes” than ever before.  Television and media have taken their cameras into kitchens and celebrity chefs are putting restaurants and food preparation and handling in the spotlight.

It’s vital that your staff is educated in safe food handling procedures not only for the safety of the guests but of course for the image you want to project to those “aware and educated” travelers.  A simple framed certificate of completion for a food safety course hanging on the wall is sure to be noticed, and appreciated, by your visitors.

Development of your “in house” food and beverage team is critical to attaining and maintaining high ratings in the travel industry. Awareness and education is the way to get there.  Today, our team can provide training for your entire hospitality team.  Everything from food safety and hygiene to menu development, cost control and customer service.  Each visit, each property’s training plan is individually planned to meet the needs of your establishment.  See our service page for a detailed listing. Chef Jeff and his team will be with you every step of the way.

Chefs Helping Chefs, LLC officially started in 2008, however our name has been used since 2003 when Chef Jeff started assisting cooks and chefs in their initial and continuing training. Our team is a dedicated group of individuals with various levels of experience and certification to bring you the latest information and developments within the hospitality industry. We aim to keep your staff educated and aware of vital components necessary for a successful food service establishment.

Each member of our team has no less than 15 years each of experience in the Hospitality field.  All of our team members regularly attend conventions, meetings and trainings ourselves to continuously upgrade our education and services offered. It is in this way that we are able to guarantee your staff will be given the most up to date information and guidelines as set forth amongst the hospitality industry.

Previous clients who have utilized our services find that we are very easy to work with and will do all that is needed to ensure that the experience with us is pleasant, cost effective and brings about the expected results.

In 2012, Chefs Helping Chefs expanded its business to Saudi Arabia. 2015 we expanded to Mexico. This is an exciting time for our company. The opportunity to share our knowledge and experience throughout the world.

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